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Zoah Thello 

A classic board game with a genetic twist.

Zoah Thello is an addictive and completely unique tile based board game. Dr. Zeinstein himself will personally train you through 42 different game boards, 12 different ProtoZoah organisms, and tons of fun!

Earn fun awards like the Rosalind Franklin Medallian or the ultimate Zeinstein Super Dee Duper Master Thello Award!

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Zoah Arcade 

Become a Master Geneticist by training some of the most biologically advanced organisms in the world ... the ProtoZoah!

Defeat viruses, level-up your Zoahs, evolve powerfully-fun abilities, and train under one of the greatest scientific minds ever to design a DNA moelcule ... Dr. Zeinstein!

A simple, fun, addictive game that is designed to make you giggle a little bit.

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Life Point Tracker v2.0

Updated With Better Graphics!

Need a score keeper app? Life Point Tracker can be used for games that have 2- 6 players. Set up the scoring system the way you want by modifying the starting point value, customizing the increment / decrement values, and match times.

Save unique settings for up to three different games.

All match results and scores are logged within a database for future reference.

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Line Basher

Did you land that big part? Line Basher will get you off book fast!

Organize lines according to the name of the work, main character, act, and scene.

Enter all cues and lines through either verbally or via keypad.

Using the "Speak It" feature, Line Basher reveals the words you recited correctly.

The "Hint" feature reveals only the first few characters of the line.

Go to the Line Basher Help Page.